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Five Steps to a Happy Cat Household

Dr. Elsey’s Litter Box Solutions booklet is a valuable informational tool. Included in the booklet is the 5 Step Recovery Program for getting a cat to use the box again. Below is a summary of that program.

1. Replace Current Litter with Cat Attract®

Cat Attract® has a unique herbal scent that attracts cat’s curiosity and the right texture for their paws. Although you may not be aware of Cat Attract® scent your cat will be.

2. Freshen Up

You don’t like a dirty bathroom and neither does your cat. Your cat’s sense of smell if 1000 times stronger than yours, so clean the litter box thoroughly. Remove feces and urine clumps daily; if your cat does not respond to a clean litter box, you may want to replace it. Some old boxes become scratched and permeated with a scent your cat may find offensive. Have more than one cat have more than one litter box and make sure the boxes are not side by side.

3. Destroy the Evidence!

Once a cat has marked an area with urine or feces, a problem cat naturally regards it is an appropriate area for relieving itself. Do all that you can to eliminate any trace of odor from the trouble spot by using Dr. Elsey’s Urine Removal Program and following the directions in the Litter Box Solutions Booklet starting on page 17. Try to keep you cat away from the trouble spot by covering the area with plastic carpet runner placed spike side up. You can also place a food bowl in the area cats are unlikely to urinate or defecate where they eat.

4. Consider a Litter Box Makeover

Hooded boxes are designed for owners not cats. Try removing the hoods and rethink the location of the boxes. They should be in quiet, out-of-the-way places with convenient access for your cats, but no access for the family dog. Keep the boxes away for bright lights, loud noises, and vibrations from washing machines. If you house has several floors, have a box on each level and again one box for each cat plus one.

5. Treat Your Cat to Some R&R

Stress is a leading cause of litter box problems. Territorial by nature, cats need to feel secure in their environment in order to relax. In multiple cat households, make sure each cat has a separate “zone” with its own food, water, litter box, scratching post, toys and elevated perch for relaxing on. Play with your cat at least 15 minutes every day and make sure there are plenty of toys to stalk and chase.

Until next time……please remember to hug your cat.