Save $3, Give $3

Save $3 on a 40 lb. bag of Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter and we’ll donate $3 to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

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Portrait of Dr. Elsey and his wife


The Elsey’s Story

When Kathy Elsey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the second most common type of blood cancer, she and her husband knew they were in a unique position. Kathy and her husband, Dr. Bruce Elsey, are the co-founders of Dr. Elsey’s, which meant they could utilize their corporate success to benefit a philanthropic cause: a commitment to cure cancer. By establishing the Dr. Elsey’s Fund to Cure Cancer in support of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), the Elseys’ generous support of over $10 million since 2009 has accelerated the development of new treatments for patients, while propelling MMRF towards finding a cure.


Committed to the Cause

Dr. Elsey, along with his wife Kathy, founded the company in 1987 with a vision to help support pets and people in need. Dr. Elsey’s has donated financial support and products to nonprofit organizations, shelters, and rescues across the country. After Kathy’s diagnosis, the Elseys’ commitment to supporting pets and people came to include those affected by multiple myeloma. By buying Dr. Elsey’s products, you are truly helping support pets and people in need.

Cat Therapy

Studies have proven that interacting with animals increases oxytocin levels, which has a powerful effect on the body’s readiness to heal and produce new cells. Oxytocin helps patients feel relaxed, lowers blood pressure, and is known to be an antidote to depression. Dr. Elsey’s is not only committed to finding a cure for cancer, but also to caring for the pets who serve as a special kind of therapy for patients with cancer.