Power of Purrsuasion

Power of Purrsuasion




Even though 28% of the 128 million households in the U.S. own cats, nearly 1.4 million cats every year fail to find loving homes. If we can get an additional 1% of U.S. households to adopt a cat, we could keep these loving family members alive and out of shelters.

At Dr. Elsey’s, we’re taking action and need your help! It’s time to unlock the Power of Purrsuasion to convince a friend, family member or stranger to take the next step toward adopting a cat.

During 2019, Dr. Elsey’s visited Meow Parlour in NYC to help find forever homes for its furry residents, while “purrsuading” the minds of those hesitant to adopt on the benefits of owning a cat. After a successful month in the Big Apple, where a record-breaking number of cats were adopted, Dr. Elsey’s brought the movement to the West Coast! During a summertime stay at CatCafe Lounge in Los Angeles, the Power of Purrsuasion helped increase adoptions by 50%.

In 2020, the Power of Purrsuasion will be traveling to Washington, D.C. Coming to Crumbs & Whiskers January 13 – February 14, lucky adopters will receive waived entrance fees on a first come, first served basis. We’ll also be gifting adopters with Adoption Starter Kits to help promote a smooth transition from shelter to forever home.

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Ownership 101

We’re sharing everything you need to know about bringing your new friend home. From catproofing to potty problems, even proper playtime etiquette, both first time and veteran owners alike will benefit from Dr. Elsey’s Owning a Cat Educational Guide. Click here to download a printable version!

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1.4 million cats every year fail to find loving homes.