Long Haired Cats and Defecation Problems | Dr. Elsey's

Long Haired Cats and Defecation Problems

This information was discussed in the defecation blog but is worth mentioning again. Litter can stick to a long haired cat’s rear area and they will not use the litter box to defecate as a result. Long haired cats do not like litter and feces adhering to their rear area so they may decide to go somewhere else to defecate than in the box. We recommend that you have a hygiene clip done around the rear area of your cat and if your cat has long hair in-between the digits of its toes then it is a good idea to trim that hair as well. By trimming these areas your long haired cat will be free of the hair that may be an issue with using the litter box.

Our Crystal litter will not adhere to a long haired cat’s coat or color the cat’s coat. Until next time, please remember to hug your cat.