How Often Should I Change the Litter Box? | Dr. Elsey's

How Often Should I Change the Litter Box?

A frequent question that we often get asked is – How often do I totally dump and change my cat litter?

We recommend totally changing the litter out in the cat box every three to four weeks depending on use. Wash your cat boxes with hot water and a mild detergent like Ivory dish soap and then replace with about 3 inches of new litter. Even though our clumping clay litters do clump extremely hard and you are able to remove the clump as a whole there may still be little pieces of litter that may break off of the clump or little pieces of feces that may not totally be removed from the box. Therefore, it is a good idea to change the litter out totally every three to four weeks.

Until next time – please remember to hug your cat.