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Answering Your Cat’s Questions

Ever wondered what your cat would ask if they could speak? Inquisitive by nature, your cat likely has questions, but the only problem is you don’t speak “meow.” In honor of National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, we’re helping you see things from the feline perspective by answering a variety of questions to satisfy the most curious of cats.

Why can’t I go outside just for a little while?

Unfortunately, less than 5% of missing indoor cats are reunited with their owners. While you might not understand why you’re stuck inside, just know it’s because we love you! If you’re pining for the great outdoors, let’s give Touch of Outdoors™ a try for an outdoor experience inside!


Why do you always insist on brushing me?

While we know you’re a natural grooming expert, we can still lend a hand to help shed your winter coat. Regular brushing can help reduce hairballs and prevent mats or tangles from forming—not to mention help remove your excess fur before it ends up scattered across the house.


Why do you keep petting me when I tell you to stop?

If we haven’t caught on to your tail flicking and squirming, we apologize! While we always want to provide you with plenty of love and affection, we understand that learning how to read your body language is an important duty of pet parenthood.


Why can’t I have a bite of what you’re eating?

While sneaking a scrap or two might seem harmless, overindulging in people food could leave you feeling sick. While we may eat similar foods like meat and fish, many items on our plates like onion and garlic are toxic to kitties.


Why do you get upset when I scratch the furniture?

Scratching is a healthy way to sharpen claws and doubles as a great stress reliever! On the other hand, claw marks up and down the furniture are not so great. That’s why we’ve provided you with scratching posts to use instead!


Why do I have to keep going to the veterinarian?

According to Dr. Elsey, “You miss more by not looking than by not knowing.” Regularly bringing you to the veterinarian for hands on care is necessary for diagnosing any issues and making sure you’re in good health!


Why are you so obsessed with my litter box?

We know that litter clumps can quickly pile up within the box, which could leave you seeking relief elsewhere in the house. That’s why we scoop your box daily and replace the litter once a month to keep things feeling fresh underneath your paws.


Why can’t I eat the plants in the house?

While we know how much you love catnip and the occasional chomp of grass, some plants are toxic for cats! It’s best to keep greenery and flowers not meant for kitties out of the house to ensure you don’t feel too tempted to give them a chew.


Why is peeing outside of the litter box such a bad thing?

Inappropriate elimination is the number one behavioral reason cats are abandoned, abused or surrendered to shelters. That’s why feline advocates like Dr. Elsey are on a mission to keep cats in loving homes by providing proven, veterinarian formulated solutions!


Why do you take so many photos of me?

Look, we both know you’re cute. Now, we need to let the entire world know! We promise not to use flash or bother you when you’re having purrsonal time, but if you’re going to be a star on Dr. Elsey’s Instagram, we’re going to have to have a photoshoot or two!


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