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brown and white cat laying on scratching post

How to Help Your Cat Combat Cabin Fever

While cats are indoor experts, the lack of daylight and persistent cold that accompany the winter months have a way of affecting our feline companions. Just like us, cats can catch the winter blues and feel increased levels of boredom and restlessness during the coldest time of year. We’re sharing simple tips to help keep kitty cabin fever at bay and prevent boredom from turning into destructive behavior within the home.

For a cat, there’s nothing worse than a lack of screened windows to sit in and warm spots for sunbathing. While sunshine might be in short supply, you can still channel the feelings of spring within the home for a feline boost of serotonin. While the windows might not offer a breeze, you can provide your cat with a window to the world by strategically placing an outdoor bird feeder within easy viewing distance of their favorite perch. This way, your mini predator can still enjoy the natural entertainment birds and squirrels provide. For added comfort, treat them to a cozy blanket to stay warm while they daydream of hunting backyard prey.


Boredom can often lead to destructive behavior, so offset any naughty ideas by providing plenty of toys and activities to keep your cat happily entertained. Refreshing your cat’s environment with enrichment and exercise-focused toys like scratching posts, cardboard boxes (with any tape removed) and food puzzles will help boost your cat’s spirits during the colder months. While playtime is always essential, establishing a play routine with your cat will provide them with an additional source of exercise during an often sedentary season. As a bonus, the benefits of time spent together will also help offset your own winter blues!


Bring the outdoors inside by enriching your cat’s environment with feline-friendly herbs for grazing. Houseplants like cat grass, which is known to help aid in digestion, and catnip, known for its calming effect, offer a natural treat and touch of vegetation into their carnivorous diet. Additionally, treat your kitty to a little slice of spring by freshening up their litter box routine with Touch of Outdoors™—made with natural, chemical-free prairie grasses grown in our fields for a happier cat environment. 


Providing your cat with the means to stay happy, healthy and entertained throughout the winter season will enhance both their quality of life and longevity. Discover more feline health tips and veterinary advice by visiting our Instagram page!