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Litter Additive

There seems to be a number of questions as to why you can not use the Cat Attract® litter additive in alternative litters such as wheat, corn, pine, paper, cedar etc. The paramount reason is that the additive works on a smell premise. Alternative litters have a particular odor about them because of their composition. In other words the corn smells like corn, the wheat smells like wheat and so on so these litters will mask the scent of the additive providing no benefit in drawing the cat to the box. There are no problems with using it with any kind of litter since it contains non toxic natural herbs – if just won’t be effective. The second part of this equation is that you need to use it with litter that is clumping so it will become part of the litter and mix in well.

We do recommend that it be used with our Ultra litter since this litter is non scented clumping clay litter. However, it can be mixed with any clumping clay litter as long as the litter has no additives like baking soda, perfumes, chemicals and deodorants.

Thanks and until next time – please remember to hug your cat.