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How To Clean Up Cat Urine

Another frequent email or call I receive is “what the best way to clean up cat urine”. As you are aware a cat’s sense of smell is 1000 times stronger than ours so even though you may think you removed the urine odor your cat may still smell the odor and use that area again. If you do not remove all the urine odor there will be a tendency for your cat to continue to urinate in those areas over and over. Cleaning up old urine odors is essential for getting a cat to use the litter box again. In our Litter Box Solution Booklet starting on page 17 we go through each surface step by step and discuss how to clean each surface. You can down load the booklet on the website or it is attached to our Cat Attract litter products and additive.

Today I want to discuss removing the odor from carpet which seems to be the most frequent problem. We recommend a three step program – first beginning with cleaning the area with a mild dish detergent and water. Saturate the area with this solution and let it sit on the area for an hour or two. Blot the area with tap water to rinse do not rub your carpet as to preserve the natural carpet texture. Then soak the area with club soda for ten minutes and then blot up the club soda with fresh paper towels or a fresh towel over the area. Weigh down the towels with something heavy and let it dry overnight. The next day apply Dr. Elsey’s Urine Removal Program. You mix the Urine Removal Program one part solution to seven parts distilled water. Then you saturate the area with the Urine Removal Program do not blot up just allow the solution to remain in the carpet to dry. To keep your cat away from the area you can use carpet runner spike side up to provide a boarder for the carpet area – your cat will not walk on the spikes. If the carpet continues to smell despite cleaning you may need to treat both sides of the carpet with the Urine Removal Program and replace the pad and seal your sub floor. This often times is the only way to get rid of the odor which often hides out in the carpet pad.

I know this seems like a rigorous process but it is a good way to be assured you are removing the odor the first time around.

Until next time – take care and please remember to hug your cat.