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Two orange cats coming out of a white robot litter box.

Adding Variety to Your Cat’s Litter Box Lineup

Whether your cat is a tiny fur ball, a bit elderly or somewhere in between, cat owners have found that sometimes having multiple types of litters in a household can be beneficial for feline and owner. While switching up your cat’s elimination routine might seem daunting and a little smelly, there can be many benefits to introducing your cat to a litter box refresh or even multiple types of litters in your home. We’re offering insight on why it could be beneficial to make the switch to a new litter, or multiple litters, and how to make it seamless and smooth for your furry friend.

So you’re looking to buy a litter better suited for your cat’s needs but you don’t want to waste the litter you already have — now what? Luckily for cat owners everywhere, mixing different types of litter isn’t the end all be all. The one rule of paw we recommend following is to only mix litters that have the same clumping capabilities, so don’t mix clumping and non-clumping litters.

If you’re living with more than one furry feline in your household, having different types of litters in different boxes can prove to be very beneficial to you and your cats. If one can tends to frequent one litter box over another, try to gear your litter to that cat’s needs. An older cat might prefer Senior Litter, while a new kitten might be better suited for Kitten Attract. If you have cats that are more fussy or sensitive to certain kinds of litter, Paw Sensitive could be the perfect fit for them. Try to put one kind in one box, and another kind in a different box. You may notice your cat might prefer one over the other, and that can help to get rid of any inappropriate elimination in the future.

Our recommendation is to have one litter box per cat in your household plus one bonus box. If you’re only living with one cat and two litter boxes, try out two different types of litter to see which your cat prefers! Cats are very texture-driven, so it’s important to give them options to see what works best. If you need help encouraging your cat to use a box with new litter, try out our Ultra Litter Attractant to make the transition smooth and accident-free.

See which litter is the best fit for your cat by taking our free litter quiz!