Senior Cat Litter

Senior Litter

Helps Prevent Kidney Failure, Urinary & Uterine Infections, Traps Urine and Odor on Contact, Hypoallergenic and Non-Toxic & Multi-Cat Strength

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Crystal Cat Litter With Cat Attract®

Senior is formulated with a finer grain to be gentle on paws for senior, arthritic, pregnant and overweight cats.

Senior is a crystal cat litter formulated with Cat Attract® to draw cats to the litter box. Senior addresses the medical and urinary tract problems cats experience with a proven solution to help prevent kidney failure and urinary infections that can cause non-use of the litter box. Super absorbent, it traps urine and odor on contact and keeps your cat’s genital area clean to help prevent urinary infections.

Ingredients: Silica Sand and Hydrolyzed Herbs (Does Not Contain Crystalline Silica)

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