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Back of a cat's head looking out of a window.

Four Ways to Boost Your Cat’s Brain Health

Without a doubt, cats are some of the smartest household pets. Although they don’t respond to commands like dogs do, cats are natural predators with their feline focus and curiosity. But like all species over time, cats’ brain health and memory can decline as they age. 

According to the ASPCA, 55% of all cats aged between 11 and 15 suffer from Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD). This affects their ability to be aware of their surroundings and hold onto memories of people and things. Luckily, there are ways you can help keep your cat’s mind sharp with a few simple fixes.

Balanced Diet and Nutrition

The most basic way to help your cat stay healthy and alert is by making sure they’re fed a proper and well-balanced diet. Typically, wet cat food is higher in nutrients than a dry kibble. Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein™️ paté isinspired by the nutrients and vitamins found in your cat’s natural prey, and the wet food helps your cat stay hydrated with added moisture.

Play Time and Playmates

Keep your cat stimulated mentally by switching up their toys and introducing them to other furry friends! The more active your cat is physically, the more brain power it takes mentally. Keep your cat engaged with new and exciting toys every so often, like food puzzles, interactive electronic toys and more. Socializing your cat is a great way to give their brain a little workout while improving their day to day behaviors. Consider adopting another furry feline to give your cat some company at home!

Simulate an Outdoor Environment

Cats love to observe the outdoors, so bring nature inside by setting up a cat tree or hammock next to a big window, and even consider hanging up a bird feeder outside of the same window. That way, you can entertain your cat’s natural instincts to observe their prey. Some pet parents even find it helpful to turn on a nature channel on TV to keep their pet stimulated.

Move Around the Food Bowl

Cats are natural born predators and hunters. By moving around their food bowl from time to time, you’re allowing your cat to have their instincts take control and put their feline senses to good use. Go a step further and hide treats for them around your home, guiding them on a scavenger hunt. Keeping your cat on their toes will improve alertness and overall brain activity and health!

Don’t forget to schedule your cat’s routine vet check-in at least once a year, and every six months for our senior furry friends. Learn more tips and tricks on cat health and wellness by visiting our Instagram page!