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women doing yoga pose with cat on her knee

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make With Your Cat

With a brand new year comes a fresh set of resolutions. While your list might feel complete, have you ever considered including your cat’s wellbeing in your goal-setting plans? We’re sharing 5 ways to establish new healthy habits to help your cat live their best nine lives:

Pencil in More Playtime

Not only does playtime allow your cat to express their natural instincts, but it also provides a source of exercise and stress relief for a healthy and happy cat. There are countless creative ways to make your home purr-fect for playtime while ensuring your cat is living a satisfying life indoors. Try mimicking natural behaviors like scratching, hunting, stalking and chewing with games involving cardboard boxes to climb on and explore or hidden toys filled with kibble so that they can practice their hunting skills. When done regularly, playtime is the best tool for bonding, socializing and training.

Schedule a Trip to the Veterinarian

According to Dr. Elsey, “You miss more by not looking than by not knowing.” Specialized care and routine visits to the veterinarian for hands-on care are necessary for making sure your cat is in good health. As members of the family, our cats deserve the best possible care. Scheduling an exam annually, or more frequently for senior cats, can help prevent health problems before they advance and ensure you’re providing your cat with the right care routine. Curious which Dr. Elsey’s veterinarian formulated litter is the best fit for your cat? Take our free litter quiz.

Clean Up Your Cat’s Diet

Just as we like to reevaluate our nutrition at the start of each year, now is the perfect time to take a closer look at what you’re scooping into your cat’s food bowl. The right diet can go a long way for improving your cat’s health. That’s why choosing a biologically appropriate food is ideal for rounding out your feline’s care routine. Inspired by the protein levels found in your cat’s natural prey, Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein™ was created to recognize the importance of a protein-based feline diet. Prepare to see the energy-boosting difference for yourself!

Enrich Your Cat’s Environment

Take a moment this New Year to consider your cat’s environment and whether or not it’s helping ensure a happy feline life. Boredom can lead to restlessness and even destructive behavior, so providing activities like toys and food puzzles can keep your cat entertained in your absence. Additionally, if your cat is easily stressed, creating ‘safe spaces’ around the house can provide the perfect hideaway. A cat bed tucked behind the sofa, a climbing tree or a cardboard box can create a sense of safety while still allowing your cat to take part in the daily happenings around the house.

Keep the Litter Box Clean

When it comes to clean up, removing feces and urine clumps daily from the litter box is the best way to keep your cat happy and your home odor-free. Just like us, no one wants to do their business in an unclean spot. To prevent inappropriate elimination triggered by stress or environmental factors, we recommend daily cleaning and replacing litter box every 6 to 12 months to promote a healthy environment for your cat. Learn more about how to solve this dilemma with our guide to inappropriate elimination.

This season is all about a fresh start. So why not establish healthy habits to help your cat live their best life? Dr. Elsey’s is here to help with veterinarian formulated food and litter designed for each stage of feline life.