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Paws Up for Paleo

The paleo diet is everywhere – you’ve heard about it from your friends, seen it everywhere in social media, and maybe even thumbed through one of the many cookbooks devoted to it – but what exactly is paleo?

Essentially, the paleo diet (also known as “The Caveman Diet”) consists of…well, anything a caveman would have eaten way back in the day! Sticking to this diet means that you can chow down on anything you find out in the wild – primarily meat and fish – but pass up on anything processed – such as wheat, grain, and dairy products. The benefits of eating this way? By eliminating these food groups and consuming mainly protein as an energy source, you can think of it as putting your body back to factory reset.

At Dr. Elsey’s, we believe in feeding our pets the same way that we feed ourselves. That’s why our cleanprotein™ was created with real, whole ingredients – all of the protein that they need, and none of the grains, fillers, or preservatives that they don’t. Like our ancestors, cats do not normally eat grain, rice, or carbohydrates – they have a natural carnivorous diet that depends on protein both for energy, and to maintain a healthy body weight.

Try our cleanprotein™ and release your feline’s inner saber-toothed cat.