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Join the Cats Against Cancer Movement

The American Cancer Society estimated that about 30,000 individuals were diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the second most common type of blood cancer, this year.

When Kathy Elsey was given this very diagnosis, she and her husband Bruce Elsey knew that they were both in a unique as well as empowering position: by combining corporate success with a philanthropic cause, they would be able to reach out to pet owners, and anyone else willing to help, and encourage them to participate in the fight against cancer. The co-founders of Dr. Elsey’s Products started the Cats Against Cancer Campaign in order to aid the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) and push advancements even further in cancer research. The result of this partnership is a collaborative business model that shares success with patients around the world. “We want to see a cure and we want to see it yesterday,” says Dr. Elsey.

We are currently in the second month of the campaign, and it spans over multiple social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so that users are able to share their individual experiences and support the campaign’s mission. They can also download a coupon from the campaign landing page that allows them to save $3 on their next purchase of a 40 lb bag of Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter, and for every $3 saved, Dr. Elsey’s donates $3 to the MMRF. The campaign will run until February 2017.

Since 2009, the Elsey Family and Dr. Elsey’s Products have contributed close to $9 million to the MMRF. “By working together to leverage their generous annual support for our year-end matching gift campaign, we have raised an additional $9 million from more than 500,000 donors,” says Paul Giusti, President and CEO of the MMRF.

Because of their immense dedication, the Elsey Family, along with those they inspire to match their contributions, have generated nearly $17 million towards finding a cure for myeloma at such a pivotal time for research. The Dr. Elsey’s, MMRF partnership, has helped triple life expectancy, bring treatments to trial 60% faster than the industry standard, open over 70 trails of 35 new therapies, and get 10 drugs approved by the FDA. “Because of their belief in the mission, we have been able to pioneer the precision medicine model, build collaboration, and place data in the public domain – setting the standard for overcoming all cancers,” says Giusti. “We could not imagine a better partner than the Elsey Family and Dr. Elsey’s Products to make our vision a reality.”

You can make a difference! Join the Cats Against Cancer movement and help find a cure by visiting After you have downloaded your coupon, share a photo or your story and use #CatsAgainstCancer on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.