Urine Removal Program with Aromatherapy

This product is a tool for clients to clean up urine odor and stain. Removing the urine odor and stain from any surface can be one of the most important pieces in getting a cat back into its litter box again. This product works in conjunction with Cat Attract Cat Litter, the behavioral modification cat litter.

Dr. Elsey brings his experience and knowledge to this outstanding Urine Removal Program. Dr. Elsey had this to say about the product: “After having tested over 40 stain and odor products I found this formulation to be the most effective for long term odor control. With most products, after a couple of weeks the odor would return. With Dr. Elsey’s Urine Removal Program, the odor does not return. The bacteria continues to produce enzymes as long as there is urine for them to feed on. As a result the bacterial/enzymatic action continues until all the urine is destroyed.”

  • Safe, Natural and Better for Cats and Cat Owners
  • Guaranteed to Remove Urine Odor, Regardless of Age
  • Enzyme-Based Formula Developed to Break Down and Eliminate Urine
  • Improved Formula for Better Cleaning and Odor Control
  • All Naturally Occurring Bacteria
  • Long Lasting Bacterial/Enzymatic Action
  • Fast Acting Rapid Breakdown of Urine
  • Biodegradable – Environmentally Safe


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