$1 OFF Cat Attract or Kitten Attract

One 20lb box of Cat Attract™ or Kitten Attract™

$1 OFF Health Monitor Everyday Litter

One 20lb box of Health Monitor™ Everyday Litter

$1 OFF Respiratory Relief Litter

One 20lb of clumping clay or 7.5lb bag of Silica Gel Precious Cat Respiratory Relief

$1 OFF Touch of Outdoors

One 20lb box of Touch of Outdoors

$1 OFF Classic, Ultra, or Ultra Scented

One 40lb bag of Classic, Ultra, or Ultra Scented Litter

$1 OFF Senior or Long Hair

One 8lb Bag of Precious Cat Senior or one 8lb Jug of Precious Cat Long Hair

$1 OFF Clean Tracks™ Litter

One 40lb. bag of Dr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks™ Litter