R&R Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Cat Litter

R&R® Respiratory Relief Litter

Now With Improved Odor Control, Stress-Reducing Herbal Essences, Low Dust, Hard Clumping, Hypoallergenic – No Plant Proteins & Multi-Cat Strength

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With Natural Essence for Cats With Respiratory Issues

R&R® Respiratory Relief is made with natural essences for cats with respiratory issues.

R&R® Respiratory Relief is low in dust and hypoallergenic with no plant proteins, perfumes or deodorants to help control respiratory disease in cats. When the litter box is dirty or smells it can become a source of stress, resulting in potential problems like inappropriate elimination or anxiety, which may impact cats with respiratory issues. Now with enhanced odor control, our low dust formula and added herbal essences combine to create a calming litter box experience to reduce stress, which can be an important factor in controlling Feline Respiratory Disease.

Ingredients: Natural Clay and Herbal Essences

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