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We hope these kits can be used to help cats remain at home and not enter the shelter. The Shelter Kits are also a valuable tool to ease the transition from the shelter to a new home. Shelter kits are for 501c3 shelters only.

Shelter Kit Requests

To register your 501c3 shelter, please provide some basic information below:

  • No P.O. Boxes
  • The undersigned acknowledges that the Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Shelter Kits are to be used for intervention for shelter cats experiencing litter box issues. The purpose of the coupons in the Shelter Kits is to aid in adoption, and not intended to be redeemed by the shelter or to be auctioned off as a fundraiser. If Precious Cat finds that the kits are misused they will discontinue sending to that shelter. Shelter Kit orders can be placed once every 30 days.