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Leanne Froebel

Vinny is a retired pet therapy cat who was registered with Love on a Leash. We used to visit a local nursing home. One woman had a lot of pain issues, but would light up when Vinny came to visit her. Another woman was recently admitted and said she didn’t want to see him. Then she changed her mind and petted him and gave him a treat. I was told that was the first time she’d shown any interest or participated in anything. Vinny also visited a stroke patient. I was asked to sit him on her stroke affected side. They said that was the most they’d ever seen her use her stroke affected arm petting Vinny. Another woman could not see or hear very well, so she didn’t participate in activities. She loved seeing Vinny though. She never quite caught his name, so she’d call him “the baby” because he rode in pet stroller. Pet therapy can be very valuable!