Kat | Dr. Elsey's


Since I could walk, my mom has shared stories of me chasing cats in the street and trying to find them under cars. Cats were an obsession before I could talk. Since the age of 12, I’ve battled bouts of depression. My parents had discussed to distract my sad thoughts and lonely heart with a kitten. We visited the shelter and saw an ugly ball of grey with a scabbed nose from the street. I wanted a different kitten, but my mom who held this grey kitten felt something loving about her. I wanted a kitten so badly that I said okay to the little weirdo. I named her Hershey. I fell in love quickly. Through many years of heart breaks, anxiety, depression battles and life changing events, Hershey has changed my life in ways no one ever could. I never realized until a few years ago, that she was always there for me. Through thick and thin, letting me cry into her fur, never running away. She is my best friend, who 12 years later, still comes running to snuggle me if I have a bad day.