What are the health benefits of added plasma?

Digestibility and Immunity

A high protein addition to cleanprotein™ kibble and paté, plasma has been shown to increase nutrient digestibility and absorption as well as support immune function. As a high quality binder, plasma replaces gums, starches and stabilizers that may cause digestive upset while stimulating appetite for improved consumption and palatability.

A Natural Nutrient

In the wild, carnivores do not let food go to waste, and all parts of prey are consumed. Naturally found in meat, plasma is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and contains compounds, such as antibodies, that can provide various health benefits.

Feed Protein, Not Plants

Protein ingredients are high in vital amino acids, particularly taurine, which is essential in the diet of carnivorous cats. Cats who don’t get enough taurine may have medical problems, including an enlarged heart. Protein provides cats with the energy needed to keep up with their daily activities!