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Dr. Elsey reallys know cats!!! The litter has always been the best on the market among literally hundreds of other litters. And their food is no different! I had been searching, unsuccessfully, for a kibble cat food with meat protein and without all the vegetables, legumes and potatoes. Finally I found Dr. Elsey’s kibble cat food. My cat ADORES the chicken formula and am hoping she will acquire a love for the salmon as well.


Practiced for 25 years in upstate New York, used and sold Cat Attract and loved it. Relocated back to Oregon where my cats started sneezing a lot, but not sick. Cat litter on the west coast is greatly different from the east coast, finer, more perfume. So I switched to your dust and fragrance free litter… About the same price as tidy cat… Wow, sold me on it’s quality and it has helped my cats. We have been told for years that cat litter does not contribute to upper respiratory problems in cats, but I am now convinced it does, especially with covered litter boxes and west coast cat litter. Your’s really works well and I am recommending it to cat owners in my current practice. Thank you so much. I am glad I found you again.

-John, DVM

I just bought your product for the first time, Respiratory Relief, so far I love it!! I live in an apartment and my elder kitty’s litter box is in the linen closet for that is the only place it can go, there is no more kitty litter smell or tracking! Yes, it’s a bit more expensive but it is so worth it.
Thank you for this product, I really love it


I absolutely love your cat attract litter. I keep my litter box in a main living area due to living situations and you cannot even tell there’s a litter box! I cannot even imagine trying any other litter. Thank you guys so much!


I recently purchased the Cat Attract litter after having a new 9 month old cat that used many spots in the house for a litter box instead of the real litter box! I purchased a new litter box and put the Cat Attract litter in it and from that moment forward he has used the box 100% of the time. I couldn’t be happier with these results. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


I just adopted a cat (he was a stray). He’s great, however, getting him to use the litter box was a challenge. I tried a few different products but nothing interested him (he had “accidents” near the box but would not go in it). I spotted your product “Cat Attract” at “Pet Supplies Plus” (my local pet supply store) – there was literally one box left on the shelf. Decided to give it a try. The cat sniffed the litter and instantly used it! He’s been litter trained ever since. What a great product – I’m very thankful!


Your R&R litter has been the answer to no more asthma attacks! I was just sitting here thinking that Black-a-Boo has not had an asthma attack since we changed to your R&R litter over a year ago! I can do nothing but sing its praises. Thank you! We have seven indoor cats and we use your R&R litter for all of them. I always get it from Central Dawgma in Frederick, Maryland. I order six boxes at a time, and they give me a quantity discount, which means I can’t use your coupons, but their discount works out to be the same as your coupons. The best litter ever! It’s heavy, but worth it to see our cat healthy.


We use Precious Cat multi unscented (Ultra litter)…no more eye-boogers for our kitties, no more black dried up snot around their noses, no more thick nasty litter dust coating every surface of our apartment. This litter, in the “blue” bag, is really something. It makes life and breathing easier for our kitties, so we are life-long fans! Been using it for many months now, and we would honestly recommend it to anyone with cats. The Doc found the answer, and we love him for it!


Hi. I don’t usually write about products, but in this case I had to. I got a scared little 2 year old cat at a shelter. When I got him home I realized he had never even seen a litter box much less canned food. Made a mess all over the place. Looked online, found you guys and went to Petco and got Ultra Litter Attractant. Put out two boxes and within two days ( with a couple mistakes ) the little guy is using both regularly. Really great stuff. Thanks.


I have a 16 year old cat and a 9 month old kitten.My older cat would always sneeze and get watery eyes from every litter I have tried.I have been using your litter for about 3 months now and she looks beautiful no more problems.I guess what I wanted to say is your litter is the best !!! Thanks so much for making such a great product.


All that i can say is OMG!! BEST LITTER EVER!!!! THANK YOU!!!


I’m writing to thank you for letting me try your cat litter for free. I was skeptical because I’ve tried every litter on the market and haven’t found one that lives up to the hype. Yours, however, does. Our house is odor free with almost no tracking. We have five cats, three of which use one box on a regular basis (they all want to use the same one – go figure). I wouldn’t have tried it without your offer because I would have considered it too expensive, but now I know it’s worth every penny. I have 2-1/2 jugs of other brands to go through, and then I’ll be using Dr. Elsey’s exclusively. Thank you so much for a great product and for letting me try it free. PS – Thanks, too, for the very fast turn around on refunding my purchase. I appreciate it!


Thank you so much. Elliott, an 11 year old rescue cat we have had for over 2 years, soiled our concrete basement floor irregularly despite trying many box, litter combinations. Your Cat Attract product was like a magnet and he has used his box with this litter almost every day for over 4 months. The exception seemed to be a protest for me to change the litter despite it being cleaned out daily. We would have had to take him back to the shelter otherwise so you have enabled him to keep living in his forever home and we have a happy cat.


I wanted to write to say how impressed I am with Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter. My cat Bella is VERY picky about her litter and she started defecating right in front of her litter box (she was using the litter box to urinate only).  I had tried everything to get her to use her litter box (including trying many different kinds of litter) and nothing was working.  I came across this litter while I was in the pet store and was skeptical that it could work, but I was at my wit’s end so I bought it. Ever since, Bella has been using her litter box with no messes outside of it.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this product!  I have been telling everyone I know that has a cat about this product. You have a new faithful customer and I will continue to tell everyone how AMAZING this is. Thank you for making Bella happy with her litter and for saving my sanity.


Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief is the best cat litter I have ever used. I have tried switching – to save money and because the boxes can be heavy for this old gal to carry – but my cat starts wheezing again within 2-3 days of the new litter. I will not be switching again. Clearly, RR is the best choice for her.


Cat Attract has been very popular here in Eastport ever since we opened two years ago. Before we were here, there was very little access to high quality cat litter in this area. We have helped a number of people solve their cat problems thanks to your products.

-Denise & Ken

I was having trouble litter training a 10 week old kitten. She would get beside the box but not in it, I tried putting her in the box multiple times, putting up multiple boxes, foil down to deter her from going in problem spots, she still went outside the box. I read about the Kitten Attract and since the reviews were good, I decided to give it a try. I have to admit I was skeptical though. Brought a box home, put it in the litter pan and not 10 minutes later she was using the box! And has continued to use it multiple times a day since! I don’t know what that herbal mixture is, but it sure worked! Thank You for having this product and Thank You again because no more cleaning up kitten messes! We are all much happier!


Cat Attract is working for us 100%. One of my cats was peeing every day in the corner of the dining room. I had to set up waterproof pads. Once I switched to your litter she absolutely stopped peeing there. This is a wonderful thing for me because my husband was getting fed up and I was worried that I’d have to get rid of her. So thank you so much. This has been a wonderful thing for me.


I wanted to let you know that I have 2 cats and at two years old my male developed crystals in his bladder. He previously had no issues eliminating outside of the box but when the crystals occurred he started going on our carpet to inform us there was a problem. It took the vet a while to figure out the problem but they finally fixed it and got him on the right food. I washed our carpet several times but for whatever reason the male cat periodically would go back to it to eliminate on the carpet! I was at my wits end; I didn’t know what to do with this now three year old cat that I loved dearly and would not consistently go in his box! I did some research and found Cat Attract. It really was my last resort before taking him back to the vet for suggestions. I purchased Cat Attract, cleaned out the litter boxes and filled them up. Within minutes my cat ran into the box, eliminated and then ran back into the box several more times. He seemed to love it and it certainly attracted him to his boxes instead of my carpet. It’s been about 6 weeks since I changed to Cat Attract and there have been no more “accidents” outside of the box. Thank you for such a great product!


I have two male cats that just turned a year old. A few months ago, one of the cats started to display behavioral issues when it came to urinating in the litter box. It started out with him urinating outside the box, then urinating on the floors, & finally urinating on furniture. I tried everything…. multiple boxes, constant cleaning & scooping, different types of litter, unscented litters, different types of boxes, etc. I purchased Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter the other day, along with an enzyme cleaner especially for cat urine. The first day, I cleaned all the urine areas and replaced one box of litter with Dr. Elsey’s. I wish I video taped my cats reactions. They absolutely loved it and both used it within 5 mintues. Day 4, and not one incident of urine outside of the box & they don’t use any other box now. I wish I had tried your product months ago! I was hesitant because I thought it would track and be messy , but it is extremely dense, clumps better than any litter I have tried, and stays in the box!! Thank you for caring about our feline friends and developing such an amazing product! I will be a customer for life!!!


We purchased your Dr. Elsey’s natural clay, clumping litter about three weeks ago from a Pet Supplies store here in Boone, NC. We have had many shelter and stray cats over a period of more than twenty-five years and have tried virtually every cat litter product ever manufactured. We recently had fair success with a couple of clumping brands but always felt they fell short by enough moisture behind in the litter box to produce odors. Also, the great Febreeze experiment to mask odors was a complete and epic failure.
Then, the pet store suggested your litter. It’s the most phenomenal product we’ve ever tried. We have missed cleaning out the litter box for even 3-4 days (not a common, but occasional thing) and found that there is zero odor. Every bit of moisture from urine is tightly clumped and easy to remove. After two weeks, the litter looks just as fresh as the day we added it. We have three cats using three boxes, and two of the boxes are kept in an 11’x12′ room. There is no odor in that room, and that’s an incredible thing based on our years of suffering with ammonia smell and worse.
We though you should know just how shocking an improvement we’ve seen with this new litter. We are tempted to go and buy a truckload and store it up in case it is discontinued. Please keep making it. It has saved our marriage and produced some very happy cats as well!

-Jim and Diana

I’ve been looking for a new litter for awhile since I felt mine was just not handling odors that well and the clumps kept breaking apart when I scooped. Every cat owner I know uses a different brand. I saw some great reviews about Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter on several different websites. I asked the store clerk at my local Pet Valu store what she recommends or what seems to be popular at the store and that I was leaning towards Dr. Elsey’s. She said that the Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter was very popular and that if I am not happy with the litter the company will refund me my money. I’m like WOW! Really? So I tried it and the litter is everything it claims to be. Fantastic odor control, hardly any litter tracking, virtually no dust. My cat likes it – he no longer is cleaning the stuck litter between his toes LOL. I’m sold. This is a great litter.


Love it. Bought Cat Attract for problem cat not using the litter box. It works. Not only does she use the box, I find her now lying next to it. Thank you, thank you. I was not going to give this cat up. I love her. I have a total of three cats.


For the past 8 years I have used Tidy Cats litter with it’s 99.6% dust free. They no longer make the formula I liked and after reading many positive reviews about Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter I decided to give it a try. All I can say is this litter is Fabulous! The clumps are so tight, I had no idea clumps looked like this. As far as the 99.9% dust free, I cannot believe my other litter was a mere .3% less, because I always had a cloud of dust when I poured the litter into the box. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter is a much softer litter on my cat’s paws and he immediately transitioned to the litter the day I put it into the box. Virtually no tracking of litter on my carpets. Scent control is fabulous. I’m a buyer forever. I wish I tried this litter years ago.


My girlfriend and I have had a rough past couple of years trying to get our cat, Moe, to use the litter box. He is a Havana Brown and seems to be very particular about where he pees. We spent the last two years trying everything; adding more litter boxes, moving said litter boxes around the house, spraying calming spray around the home, taking him to the vet, etc etc… You name it, we tried it. It was not until we started using the Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter. We placed it in the litter box and within a few days, Moe started using the box no matter where it was. Now, he is still very particular. It cannot have any other cats’ pee in it but if it’s cleaned, which we make sure his is, he will go! He now goes three times a day on average and we no longer have to buy new furniture and bed sheets!


Just bought my second bag of your cat litter. I can’t believe how great it is. I will never search for another litter. The cats like it too.


I recently was told that the litter that I buy from Purina called MaxxScoop has been discontinued and they are now offering something called Tidy Cats. I can’t stand the dust as I did research prior to introducing my 2 cats to new litter. I can’t believe how much dust is in all these different litter.

Then one night a few nights ago, I went to my favorite PetSmart and I had looked online at what litter they offered. I asked right away about Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter in the blue bag. I’m telling you, I haven’t seen such amazing litter before. Maybe 1% dust, but my cats used it right away. Nice hard clumps made by the pee and for the first time, I couldn’t smell when my cat pooped!

I am SO glad I switched to your brand! Purina lost me as a customer, but you have gained myself and my 2 cats. I thank-God that you have a premium litter that my kids can use as they are fussy! My Mom is finishing up the rest of the Purina brand and then switching over to yours as well for her cat Chloe.

Just wanted to say THANKS for making the switch to your brand effortless and just so happy that my cats are happy!

YAY! I will recommend you to everyone that I know that has a cat. Thanks for having a great litter…nothing but the best for my 4 legged kids!


Just a quick note to say I was a Maxx Scoop user for 30 yrs until a month ago when Purina stop making the product and replaced with Tidy Cat. This new litter is horrible and very dusty which Maxx scoop always had minimum dust but nothing compared to the new one. I have sent an email to Purina stating that they have lost me as a customer and told them about Dr.Elseys kitty litter.
I started looking on the website for another litter and seen all the great reviews on yours. I went to Pet Smart and bought a bag. Well let me tell you I think I won the lottery as far as kitty litter goes! Not only is your dust free, my cats love it and do not seem to drag it up the stairs. I will be a Dr. Elsey’s customer for the next 30 yrs as I have always had at least two cats.
Once again the best litter ever and have told everyone I know as there alot of unhappy Purina customers out there right now.
Please make sure you never stop sending it to Canada!


I must say being a cat lover and having multiple cats over the years, I have probably tried every single cat litter out there. Especially the brand names like tidy cat. I must say, BY FAR, yours is the best. So many claim to be scent free and clumping features. But every time I would attempt to scoop the urine, it would immediately fall apart and i would smell nothing but cat urine/ammonia smell. When you state that yours clumps, it does so without falling apart or leaving any remaining smells behind. I love your product so much…I only want to use your product from this point forward!! THank you for making a fabulous product and not engage in false advertisement!


Your cat litter literally saved the lives of my family and my cats! We’d been using Scoop Away for seven years, and kept the litter boxes in the laundry-furnace room. Yes, I had to scrub the dust off my glasses after each time I cleaned the cat litters, but I didn’t think much about it. Three years after we’d bought a top of the line washing machine, it completely broke down. Apparently, the dust from Scoop Away was so severe it completely clogged up everything in the back of the machine, we had to purchase a new one. We also bought a carbon monoxide alarm then, it immediately went off at dangerously high levels. The furnace had been clogged up with Scoop Away dust, and was filling the entire basement with potentially lethal gas!
Scoop Away cost us several thousand dollars of major appliances and could have killed us. Thank you for giving us an alternative to turn to; Dr. Elsey’s litter doesn’t have any dust at all!

-Keri Lynn

I just wanted to let you know that I think your cat litter is the best I have ever used. It clumps so well and the clumps don’t break up when I scoop. It also keeps the smell away. I love it. Thank you


Thank you so much for making Cat Attract litter. After 1 year of picking up poop after my cat my vet suggested that I try cat attract litter. I bought a box and brought it home and put it in one of my three litter boxes. Straight away my other cat, the non problem one went onto it, scratched around and peed in it. I was encouraged. Then later that day when it was about time for my cat to poop I made sure she was in the vicinity of the “new” litter box, sat with her for a bit and a few minutes later in she went and did her business. I couldn’t believe it. After all that time cleaning up after her it was so easy. The next day I watched he again and again she performed perfectly. It’s only day two but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m optimistic.


We adopted a stray and for the first four days he didn’t use the litter box once. On the fifth day we went out and bought Cat Attract litter and within literally 2 minutes of me setting down the litter box, he went in and did his business! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for providing such a great natural litter. Plus this awesome offer for a rebate! My cat can actually breathe now and the only natural litter we will use. xoxo


I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Elsey and Co. for gifting this wonderful booklet with your product. I’m used to seeing instructional information being provided on the specific use of a product, but never a ‘go-to’ guide for everything from litter care to medical concerns and even hygiene. I asked Petco specifically what they recommended for my (rescued) kitten and they pointed me straight to your Cat Attract litter additive, and might I say, little Zero has not ONCE made a misstep in using it! Thank you so much for everything you’ve included with this purchase. I will continue to use it and your other products far into the future!

-C. Whelan

I just wanted to thank you for your product Kitten Attract litter! I got an 8 week old kitten for Christmas that was having accidents everywhere and would only use the litter box if I put her in it when she needed to go. She finally started using the box, but only half the time. The other half she used the bathroom sink or tub! My boyfriend and I were getting so frustrated and didn’t know what to do and then I read reviews of your litter and gave it a shot. Not only does she only use the box now, she covers her poop and pee too! Thank you for such an amazing product! You’ve relieved much stress. I’m recommending this to everyone I know getting a cat or having trouble with one!


We have 9 cats, 3 of them strays and 6 of them were born feral and rescued. Two of them had behavioral problems and did not want to use the cat box. We have tried everything, switching litters boxes in every corner, calming cat collars and nothing worked. We saw your cat litter at Petsmart and decided to give it a try and to our surprise it worked the first time the saw it. Great stuff! No more messes. Now the two cats are litter box trained.


We adopted two sister shelter kittens. I’ve used Kitten Attract since they came home and they love it! When I add a couple more scoops of fresh litter to their boxes, they both jump in and dig like crazy.There has not been one single accident outside of the litter box. I’m very happy with your product and recommend it to my friends!


We have 4 cats. One of our kittens was going everywhere except the litter box. I was seriously considering giving him up. I happened to see your Cat Attract litter at a pet store and bought it. Problem solved in the first 24 hours. Unbelievable! THANK YOU!!!!


I really never thought this would work when I bought it. One of our cats has been a naughty boy for years, peeing only in our toilets (which was OK with us) or on the dining room carpet, (NOT OK with us) so we had to put plastic tarps all over the room. But Cat Attract WORKED!! Both cats love it and there have been NO accidents for two weeks now, even though we were away for a week and left them with a cat sitter. We are SOOOOO happy!! Thank you so much for creating this product!!


I just want to say, THANK YOU!!! I have 4 cats 2 of which are persians. I buy unscented but the cats always came out sneezing and dust was all over my couch and on them. They also had runny eyes which is common with persians. WELL! I read your reviews and thought $14.99 was cheap if it saves us a vet bill because I accidently bought the scented litter. Well!!!! All 4 cats (2 domestic, 2 persians) use the litter boxes, NO SNEEZING after they do their duty, NOOOO DUST and very little tracking. I am so HAPPY!!! I think my babies are to! Just wanted to say thank YOU!!! I wish I would have found this sooner!!!
Have a Happy HOLIDAY SEASON!!!


I don’t even know where to begin in thanking you for cat attract litter. I have two Persian cats whom I adopted about 3 years ago, one of whom has very severe allergies, among other health problems. About two years ago, Theodore started peeing on the carpet. I tried everything to deter him, but as I would block off one spot, he would start another. He then started peeing on my couch. I couldn’t have any friends or family over as I was so embarrassed about the state of my house. I finally stopped trying to clean the couch and just got rid of it. I also had to rip all of the carpet out of my house. Even after this, he continued to inappropriately eliminate on the floor. I even moved a litter box into my living room, but he continued to pee on the floor. I had literally tried everything, different kinds of litter, more boxes, moved the boxes, essential oils, medications… I was literally at my wits end and then I found this litter. It’s no exaggeration to say this litter has changed my life. In the month and a half he has been using it, he has only gone once outside the box and it was on a pee pad. I can finally have people over to my house without being mortified at the smell. I also feel it has changed his attitude, as he is much more affectionate and not as skittish. He feels good about himself now that he is going potty in the right place. I cannot thank you enough for making this product,


Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing an almost dust-free litter for me and my cats. I was using Tidy Cats and ended up in the ER from asthma attacks because of the dust. I am fine with your litter, and my cats love it.


My cat who is 13 has been urinating outside her litterbox for the last 7 years or so. I took her to the vet and he put her on prosac which has helped some but not satisfactorily. I went to get kitty litter and a deodorizer at one of our pet supply places and the woman suggested I try your Cat Attract. I took it home and put your litter in one box and her usual litter in another box. She has ONLY used the Cat Attract and she has not gone outside the box for almost a month. I am thrilled. thank you, thank you, thank you! I told my vet and he is going to try it with his cat at home. You may have a vet praising your product and maybe selling it at his office.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I have 3 cats. Two have never been a problem and have used the litter boxes religiously. My third , and oldest cat (17 year old female) has had litter issues on and off over the years but for the last several years I have been at the end of my rope with her not using the litter box. A few years back my mother passed away and I inherited her older male who was an only cat in her home. Needless to say, when I brought him to my house the power struggle began. My cat, being smaller and female, lost the battle.  It was impossible for her to come out of hiding without the new cat attacking her. I tried isolating her and keeping a separate litter box but nothing worked. She insisted on using the wall to wall carpet in my living room as a litter box. About 2 years ago my inherited cat passed away. I thought this would end the problem with my cat but it did not. The urinating outside the box continued and she began to defecate outside the box as well. It was a daily routine of scrubbing and mopping floors and shampooing carpeting (which now I was unable to remove the smell and my house was being ruined.  My husband was at the end of his rope and after 17 years, she was about to lose her happy home. I was heartbroken. This is when I read about Cat Attract litter on Amazon. The reviews were glowing and I could only hope the product was half as good as the claims stated. I purchased a bag at my local Petsmart along with 2 new litter boxes and a product to remove the urine odor. As I was cleaning and changing into the new litter my other two cats (who were never a problem) were rubbing against the bag of Cat Attract and used the new litter as soon as I filled the boxes. Now for the real challenge. I carried my “problem child” to the box and set her in. She used it immediately.(a glimmer of hope).  I kept my fingers crossed. The next morning I went down to the litter area expecting to scrub the floor as I usually needed to, only to find everyone had used the new litter and the floor was clean.  It has been approximately 1 month since we began using the Cat Attract. She had two accidents during the first couple days of use but it seemed more like she wasn’t quite in the box when she went as opposed to going directly on the floor. For three plus weeks I have not had to mop up urine or shampoo carpets. Cat Attract is truly a miracle. It has broken my cats bad habit that she had for years and I never thought could be fixed.  My home is clean and odor free (after tearing out the wall to wall carpet) finally felt able to replace it without fear of new carpet being ruined. Even though Cat Attract is expensive, it was well worth it to save my kitty’s home and reclaim my house. I suggested eventually switching to the regular Dr. Elsey’s litter and my husband said absolutely not. Since things are going so well lets not “rock the boat” so I think its going to be Cat Attract for our family from now on.  Again, I cant thank you enough for this product.   Truly a miracle that does everything promised. Not to mention its great at odor control and creates hard clumps. Thank you!!


I have tried all different types of cat litter and I always have some complaint. It’s either doesn’t trap the smell, makes a mess or sticks to my cats fur. I finally decided to buy Dr. Elsey’s litter, based on a recommendation from a friend and I absolutely love it.  It’s solved all my problems and I have yet to find some thing I don’t like about it.


For some time our cat has, on occasion and without any regularity, urinated on such things as an article of clothing on the floor, on our bed, etc.  It may happen now, but then may not happen again for as much as 2 weeks.  It was becoming frustrating and we tried adding other litter boxes, for a total of 3, but it still happened occasionally.  About 3 months ago, we had become dissatisfied with all of the dust from the cat litters we had tried.  After some limited searching we found your litter that was 99% dust free, So we decided to try it.  Lo & behold, in the past 3 months, our cat has not had even one “accident’.  Apparently the dust was as objectionable to her as it was to us. We thank you for your product.  You have essentially saved the life of a great cat.


Hello.  Your Cat Attract litter quite literally saved our cat’s life. After 3 years of inconsistent use of her litter box, we were at our wit’s end and wondering how we could go on with a cat that wouldn’t use her litter. I went online to find a solution and found your website and forums of cat owners who loved your products. Immediately after changing the litter product to Cat Attract, our cat began using her litter box every day without fail. What a relief. Every one is a lot happier, including our cat.


I found 2 feral kittens that were about 4 weeks old and took them in. Initially they both used the litter box with another litter. At about 3 months old one of the kittens started urinating outside the box everywhere in the house. They are strictly indoor cats. I tried several different litters, took him to the vet to rule out any medical problems, and got them neutered.  I was told it was behavioral and really no solution. I came across this website and because of the reviews decided to try Kitten Attract– all I can say is WOW!!! Right away he started using the litter box again and it has been 4 months with no “accidents”!! I am estatic and thankful. I will continue to use this and then transition on to Cat Attract as they get older. Thank you DR. Elsey! Forever grateful.


I was getting really close to condemning my six-year old indoor cat to the garage after she started refusing to urinate in the cat box.  The other cat was fine, but she just insisted that the landing carpet was her space.  Needless to say, it smelled so bad, I stopped inviting people over.Then I saw your product, Cat Attract, at PetSmart.  I had spent so much money on cat repellent, cat smell removers and different types of cat litter, I almost didn’t even bother to try. But I did. You are a miracle worker!  I can’t believe that she now uses only the cat box for her business!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I’m just writing to say thanks for this amazing product. My cat was going beside his litter and there was nothing I could do to correct the problem. After doing some research I came across Cat Attack and went right to the store. Worked on the first attempt. Now my house smells wonderful. Just wanted to write and say thank you.


We just started using your Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter for our cat and I had to take a moment to say …Bravo!!!


Thank you! We are a six rescue cat family who has already had to turn one cat into an outdoor only after dealing with his urine spraying behavior for four years. We tried everything with him and consulted with vets all along the way. Later, another one of our cats suddenly started urinating just outside the box, daily. I tried the usual approaches, fearing the worst. After nothing worked, I was distraught by the expectation of him joining our outdoor cat. This one had been a feral kitten and still skittish. I knew it would not work for him. I found your litter listed on a cat site and tried it, not getting my hopes up. He instantly started playing in the litter and investigating it. He never urinated outside his box again! It’s been six months without incident. I’m now using your litter in all our boxes, as a preventative.