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How Much Does It Cost to Be a Cat Parent?

A cat’s fluffy face and cute purrs might push you over the edge if you’re on the fence about adopting a cat, but one thing shocks most first-time pet owners more than just the work of being a pet parent — the cost. From average expenses to those unexpected costs, we’re sharing a few insights on the true cost of pet ownership so you’re prepared when it comes time to adopt your first cat.

Initial Costs

When preparing to adopt a cat, there’s something you should be ready for before you even step foot in the shelter — adoption fees! The average cost of cat adoption is about $100, and upwards of $750 if you’re choosing to get your cat from a breeder. Most pet owners or sellers also opt to have their pets spayed or neutered, mostly to prevent the stray cat overpopulation, but also to curb bad behaviors in unfixed pets. Some shelters will spay or neuter your cats before they’re able to be adopted, but if not, it costs between $200–$300 for this procedure. During your pet’s first vet visit, they’ll mostlikely need a couple vaccines and a routine check-up, amounting from anywhere between $200–$500. 

So you’ve made sure your new furry friend is happy and healthy — now what? It doesn’t stop at just kibble and a litter box when it comes to being a well-rounded pet parent. Some opt to get their pet microchipped as a safety precaution, while others might use an orange collar to let people know their cat is meant for the indoors. The #orangeinside movement is made to spread awareness of what an orange collar signifies — you can find orange breakaway collars in specially marked bags of Dr. Elsey’s Ultra litter! While safety is definitely important, it’s also necessary to get your cat items like scratching posts, stimulating toys and elevated food bowls to promote good behavior and encourage their natural instincts.

Recurring Costs

Once your cat is nice and settled into their new home, what can you expect to pay for years to come? (Cats have nine lives, after all). Annual expenses mostly include food, litter, toys and an annual check-up. Get the most out of your money with Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein™️ kibble or Dr. Elsey’s best-selling Ultra litter to keep your new pet healthy and satisfied throughout the year.

Extra Costs

While these might not be a factor for every pet parent, it’s good to outline some “additional costs” that might come up when owning a cat. These could include any apartment or rental pet fees, grooming costs or emergency vet visits — not to mention the amount of glasses or fragile items that will surely get swatted off of your counter.

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