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Multi-colored kitten looking out of a frosted window.

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Warm This Winter

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, humans and animals alike start to prepare for the long winter season. Whether it’s hibernating or simply pulling those puffy winter coats out of storage, every species has their own way of staying warm for the chilly months. But for those furry friends that live in your home, it’s up to you to make sure they have everything they need to stay warm and healthy all winter long! We’re sharing a few tips on how to make sure your cat stays comfortable and safe this season.

Keep Your Winter Supplies Stored Away

We all know from experience that our cats can get into just about anything. So when you break out the anti-freeze or any other thawing agents for your car or sidewalk this winter, make sure it’s being stored in a space that your cat can’t get to. The same tip goes for space heaters and any other heating source — make sure your cat isn’t laying too close to avoid burns. While they love laying where it’s warm, there’s always the risk of them knocking it over and causing a fire hazard. Opt for buying a heated blanket instead so they can enjoy the extra warmth without the risk!

Warm and Toasty Toe Beans

While heated blankets are an easy hack to keeping your cat toasty this winter, there are other ways to keep your cat cozy. Most cats will stay warm by having a healthy, full coat — we recommend feeding them a nutritious diet to keep it thick all winter long. Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein™️ is packed with proteins and vitamins to help the upkeep of their fur so it does its job during the colder months.

Extra Love For Senior Cats

Try to encourage more playtime with cats to keep their blood pumping and body temperature high. But if your furry friend is a senior, you might be unable to warm them up with exercise. Try purchasing an orthopedic cat bed that’s made especially for senior cats — it’ll keep your older cat warm and cozy while also helping those aches and pains that can flair up in the colder months.

Secure Your Home

Your pampered feline probably isn’t built for the harsh winter weather, but our cats are always curious. Avoid any frantic searching for your cat by making sure all doors, windows and any other holes they could slide through are secure. If you’re concerned about your cat getting out when it’s cold, try tagging them with an orange collar or any type of tracking device for your own peace of mind. Learn more about the #orangeinside®️ movement to help keep indoor cats warm and safe all winter long!

Keep Tabs on Their Mental and Physical Health

Cats are more similar to us in the winter months than we’d think. Dry, flaky skin, catching a cold and even seasonal depression are common in cats during the cold weather season. While it doesn’t seem like indoor cats would be susceptible to the common side effects of winter, it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of distress. Keep in touch with your vet if you’re concerned about a change in your cat’s physical or behavioral health. 

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