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New Year’s Resolutions: Cat Edition

While you’re busy reflecting on the past year and thinking up resolutions for the year to come, don’t be shy about jotting down a few for your feline friend while you’re at it! Set your cat up for success in the new year by making goals for their health and wellness to start the year off on the right paw.

Litter Box Refresh

Give your cat’s litter box a deep clean at the start of the new year. Not only is it important to scoop out your litter regularly, but giving the box itself a good scrub every now and then will keep your home smelling fresh. Clean the bin with mild soap and warm water, and replace your cat’s litter completely at least once a month. Try taking our litter quiz to refill your furry friend’s litter box with a litter that best suits them.

Prioritize Playtime

Cats are known for their lazing and lounging ways, but your pet does need some kitty cardio every now and then. Try to integrate physical activity into your cat’s daily routine by coming up with unique ways to get them moving during playtime for at least fifteen minutes a day. From getting them a workout buddy to incorporating cat-safe play tools, you can read our post on kitty cardio for more ideas based on your cat’s age and ability.

Schedule Your Appointments

The start of the year is a good time to get your furry friend in for a veterinarian appointment. It’s recommended to take your pet to the vet annually, and possibly every six months if they’re a senior cat. Your vet will establish a vaccination protocol and determine if your cat needs blood work or a dental cleaning. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, vaccines are still encouraged to protect them and their owner from infection.

Humans aren’t the only ones that need self-care every now and then. If you have a longer haired cat that has developed matted fur during the winter months, we recommend booking them a grooming appointment to get them professionally removed. If sending your pet to the groomer isn’t necessary, we recommend giving them a good brush twice a week to shed excess fur. Using a brush with fine wire bristles will be gentle on your cat’s skin while still shedding off a bit of that dirty coat.

Year-Long Goal

Set a goal that you and your pet want to achieve by the end of the new year! Whether it’s regularly going to vet appointments or scheduling weekly playtime, stay on track to develop healthier habits for your feline. 

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