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Iconic Cats of the Silver Screen

Curl up on the couch in front of the flat screen with your pets to beat the summer heat! We’re giving you a list for the purrfect movie marathon featuring feline superstars from over the years. These movies wouldn’t be the same without these furry friends to add a little bit of cuteness to your movie-viewing experience. Here’s our list of the best and most iconic movies featuring our favorite kitty co-stars. 

Marie, Toulouse & Berlioz: The AristoCats

This movie really emphasized that everybody does indeed want to be a cat. Set in Paris in the 1910s, this film shows the pampered lifestyle of a group of kittens whose lives get turned upside down after they’re dropped in the French countryside all alone. The endearing trio of Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz stole the show and led this film to hit $10.1 million at the box office in the 1970s, and is still known as a staple Disney movie to this day.

Binx: Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus has been a Halloween cult classic for years, and this film stars our favorite talking black cat named Binx. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching a couple of teenagers accidentally resurrect three ancient witches, and Binx holds an iconic role in a Disney holiday fan favorite.

Cheshire Cat: Alice in Wonderland

What cat breed has pink and purple stripes with glowing yellow eyes? You might not be able to adopt one yourself, as the Cheshire Cat is clearly a unique breed in Alice in Wonderland. Portrayed as an orange tabby in the original novel, the Cheshire Cat got a funky makeover when the Disney animated film was released in 1951.

Puss in Boots: Shrek

We know our furry friends are feisty, and no one embodies that better than Puss in Boots. Although we all know how distracting those “puppy dog” eyes can be, Puss in Boots is swift with a sword yet still tends to fall victim to normal cat behavior like coughing up hairballs and getting distracted by shiny objects.

Cat: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Often referred to as the “poor slob with no name” in this classic film, the cat named Cat was meant to symbolize important things within the main character Holly Golightly. While this furry co-star had a bigger role in this movie, it was one of many roles this cat played in Hollywood. Orangey the striped orange cat starred in multiple films throughout the 1950s and early 60s.

Mr. Bigglesworth: Austin Powers

The evil sidekick to Dr. Evil himself, Mr. Bigglesworth’s value to the antihero adds even more comedy to this 1997 film. The hairless Sphinx makes quite a few features throughout the movie series that skyrocketed in theaters in the late nineties and continues to be relevant today.

Mrs. Norris: Harry Potter

Don’t we always say that pets and their owners eventually start to look alike? That’s definitely the case with Mrs. Norris and Argus Filch from the Harry Potter movie series. With their unusual connection and ability to catch the students of Hogwarts in their mischievous behaviors, this duo isn’t the most well-liked but are still a staple in this universe.

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