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gray cat standing in front of a silver food bowl and a clear water bowl

Keep Your Cat Hydrated and Healthy This Summer

With the hot summer months approaching quickly, it’s important to remember that hydration is key — not just for you, but also for all of the furry friends in your life. Hydration is a key element to staying healthy for all living beings, and if your cat isn’t drinking enough water, it can be harmful to their bodies. If you’re having trouble getting your pet to drink water or want to make sure they’re staying as hydrated as possible, we’re here to share how to keep your cat hydrated all season long.

Like humans, cats also need to maintain healthy hydration levels to aid in proper bodily functions. By drinking more water, your cat will flush out toxins and prevent kidney and urinary troubles. We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help your pet hit their daily water goal during the hot summer months:

Refill Their Water Bowl Daily
While this might sound simple, it’s something that heavily contributes to the amount of water your cat may or may not be drinking throughout the day. Drinking from a bowl of water that’s been sitting around on the floor for a few days probably doesn’t sound very appealing to your cat, so try offering them a fresh, clean bowl each day so they can get into the habit of drinking from it.

Create Hydration Stations
Cats prefer drinking in different locations, so place a few bowls around the house to give them plenty of options to choose from so that a water source is never too far away. Different bowls in different places may spark their interest, and they’ll want to investigate the new bowl in their living space. It’s also recommended to place the water bowl somewhere quiet and isolated, and far enough away from their litter box!

Find the Right Water Bowl
Surprisingly, the type of bowl you put your cat’s water in actually does matter! Cats usually prefer wide, shallow bowls as it allows them to keep an eye on their surroundings while they’re drinking. This shaped bowl also keeps their whiskers from touching the sides of the bowl — cat’s whiskers are highly sensitive, and usually it stresses out your cat when they’re touched. This could lead to your cat not wanting to return to the bowl after they’ve come to drink from it.

Try a Water Fountain
Did you know that running water signals safety and freshness to cats? Investing in a feline water fountain can definitely help them hit their daily water goal in the summer. Not only does running water communicate safety, but it also allows them to hear the water instead of seeing it. Cats rely heavily on their hearing, and they may have an easier time hearing a trickle than spotting a water bowl. Make hydration more appealing by upgrading your cat’s water bowl with a water fountain like the Capsule Automatic Pet Water Fountain from Petlibro.

Opt for Adding Wet Food
If you’re worried about your cat’s water intake, try adding some wet food to your cat’s diet. Feeding wet food can contribute a good percentage of your cat’s daily water intake. Try out our cleanprotein™ to help your cat transition to wet food and to increase their daily water consumption.

Getting your furry friend to drink more water will help to avoid dehydration and help them stay cool all summer long. Discover more feline health tips and veterinary advice by visiting our Instagram page!