Keep Your Cats Safe This Holiday Season | Dr. Elsey's

Keep Your Cats Safe This Holiday Season

Every Holiday Season I like to write a blog about how to keep your cat safe but this year I had a wake up call. I was making milk chocolate fudge and had put the pans of fudge to cool on the counter and before I realized it my Chyna Girl had jumped on the counter and stepped in the chocolate. Since I am always on the look out for her I was able to grab her and wash all the damage off her back paws before she had an opportunity to lick them. I promptly told her that kind of behavior was due to land a rock in her stocking and she thought that would be ok as long as it was a diamond. What a girl! But, it is important to remember that trees, ribbon, Holiday plants, lights and candles and human food like chocolate can be potential Holiday hazards for your cat. Please keep your cats safe this Holiday Season and Happy Holidays to you and yours….and always remember to hug your cat!