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Industry Standard Award Precious Cat

In 2009 Precious Cat, Inc. received an Industry Recognition Award from Pet Business editors for one of the most exciting and functional pet products on the market. The Precious Cat litters that were chosen by Pet Business for this award were Precious Cat Long Hair litter and Precious Cat Senior litter.

The editors had this to say about the products – Precious Cat offers non toxic, biodegradable litters that are safe for felines and the environment. Precious Cat Senior addresses medical and urinary tract problems in older cats, and Precious Cat Long Hair litter features a particle size that these cats prefer and will not adhere to long fur.

Following is a client testimonial about the Precious Cat Senior litter:

We were at our wit’s end with one of our cats who had been urinating on the carpet. We had the carpet replaced with hardwood floor and he started urinating on it, too.

He had been a farm cat but we retired him to the city, however, he was used to being able to go anywhere he pleased. We had tired a cat mat which worked more of less but we found he would often simply go on the carpet.

I was at the point of doing the unthinkable but read the booklet on litterbox solutions.

I replaced his pan with a shallow pan, as suggested and his litter with your Precious Cat Senior and overnight he was using the box exclusively.

To learn more about Precious Cat Senior and Long Hair litter please visit my blog on Precious Cat litter products. Until next time take care and please remember to hug your cat.