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cat being groomed by human

A Guide to Summer Grooming

As the weather starts to warm, you might be considering a trip to the groomer’s to help your cat shed their winter coat. While it’s easy for us to imagine that shaving our cat would offer instant relief from the summer sun, their fur coat serves a vital purpose year round.

Furry Insulation

Much like insulation in the walls of a home, a cat’s fur acts as a built-in temperature regulation system. Their fur coats help regulate both hot and cold temperatures, sealing in body heat during the winter months and allowing fresh air to flow through like air conditioning in the summer. If your cat is looking for extra relief, they will often migrate to a shady spot in the home to cool off away from the sun.

Say No to Shaving

While it’s easy to imagine a freshly shaved cat would be more comfortable in the warm and humid months, shaving off fur strips a cat of their natural defense to the summer sun. Shaving a cat can lead to a high risk of sunburn and overheating from time spent sunning their bellies, as well as lead to skin problems like ingrown hairs.


While cats are natural grooming experts, you can still lend a hand to help shed their winter coats. Reduce hairballs and prevent excess fur from covering your furniture and clothing by brushing your cat regularly. Create a relaxing environment by grabbing a brush and cuddling up on the couch together while you detangle your cat’s fur.


Certain situations call for a deep clean. While the tub is filling with lukewarm water, set a mellow mood for your cat with a brief moment of play. Before taking a dip in the tub, brush out any tangles in your cat’s fur and make sure to add a bath mat to the bottom of the tub for your cat to grip. Avoid soapy eyes, and make sure to have a warm spot and towel ready for drying off.

Just a Trim

While a summer shave is ill-advised, long-haired cats can benefit from a trim to assist in the natural shedding of their furry winter coats. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals and take your cat to a groomer for just a trim.

When the first heatwave hits this summer, keep these tips in mind and remember shade over shaving for beating the heat in the months to come!