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Marking with Urine

It is that time of year again….when the seasons change urine marking can become more frequent. Your cat may see other cats outside with the weather being nicer and want to mark their territory.

We have discussed urine marking in an earlier blog and some suggestions on how to deal with the problem but I just wanted to add an interesting note that I read about in the The Feline Patient, 4th Edition, Gary D. Norsworthy @2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The information was written by Debra F. Horwitz and she indicated to Designate an Acceptable Marking Location. Ms. Horwitz said that an acceptable spraying spot for the cat can be designed by creating an “L” shaped litter box arrangement using two litter boxes: this arrangement uses two litter boxes; one placed vertically (standing on the short end) and one placed horizontally with litter inside the vertical one. An alternative method is to place just one box leaned against the wall at the site of the urine spraying. Some cats may spray only in this area. This is an alternative solution that some owners are willing to live with.

This may be an additional option for some cats that urine mark. Happy beginning of the summer and please remember to hug your cat.