Canned Food -vs.- Dry Food Debate | Dr. Elsey's

Canned Food -vs.- Dry Food Debate

The debate on which type of food to feed cats continues to be a hot topic. At Precious Cat, under the guidance Dr. Bruce Elsey, we recommend a canned food diet. One of the reasons for a canned food diet is to promote good urinary health. Cats are carnivores so feeding canned food is closer to their natural meat diet. Cats are also desert animals so they don’t typically drink a lot of water so the added moisture in canned food is beneficial for cats. This additional moisture can help with urinary inflammation which can be a reason for a cat inconsistently not using the litter box.

As we have talked before, in other blogs, cats are extremely texture driven and that applies to the food they eat as well. Sometimes cats that are use to eating dry food do not like the texture of wet food and have a hard time accepting it. It is a good idea just to give them a choice putting down a spoonful or so of wet food in a bowl near the dry food and letting them make the choice. As with any diet, it should be done slowly as not to cause digestive and or health problems. I have had cats my whole life and even with my first cat in the late 50’s and 60’s we always feed wet food I have never had a cat with urinary issues. I feed my cats a variety of canned foods but I try to stick to the ones with pure meat and no additives like Weruva and Wellness. I also cook a turkey breast or give ground lamb or turkey as a treat in addition to their canned food.

If you cat will not accept wet food then getting a water fountain can be beneficial as well for increasing their water intake.

One other food for thought…..cats do not cross chew so dry food does not provide the benefit with dental care as originally thought. Also, wet food has more protein and dry food has more carbohydrates therefore you hardly ever see a fat cat that is eating a canned food diet.

Until next time, please remember to hug your cat and as my Lilac Point Siamese, Makeeta, always says – Mom remember to bring me home a roasted chicken from Costco!