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Canned Food – A Pet Peeve

I know I have written about this before but in recent days I have received more inquires about this topic so thought it was worth discussing again.  At Precious Cat we do believe it is important to feed canned food.  Dr. Elsey was interviewed recently and this is what he had to say.

Yes, there is something I’d like to mention – it’s more like a pet peeve of mine – I really think cats need to be on canned food.  Cats get twice the amount of moisture from canned food than they do from dry food.

Kidney failure is the number one demise of cats, and while I cannot prove it I have to think there is a correlation there.

A cats’ urine on dry food has a higher specific gravity.  In other words, it’s thicker, so they are in chronic state of dehydration their entire life.  I think it’s hugely important for longevity and to eliminate urinary issues we are dealing with – like crystals and more.

The other issue with dry food is that there is a lot of carbs in it.  Cats are obligate carnivores and dry food is not a natural diet for the cat.

Some vets think that dry food helps to clean a cat’s teeth.  This simply doesn’t make sense because the way the cats chew their food is different than the way we chew our food – we can move our jaw back and forth, it’s more of a grinding motion for us – whereas a cat it’s more up and down motion.  There is not a significant way to prevent tartar with dry food given the way they chew.